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How Do I Implement Evolv AI in my Web Experiences?

How Do I Implement Evolv AI in my Web Experiences?

Evolv AI offers both server-side and client-side integrations for implementation. Client-side integrations are the most common technique leveraged by our customers. This article will explain the process of adding a JS snippet into your site, which allows Evolv AI to become a part of your digital experience, connecting each of your users with the most impactful experiences to optimize their unique journey.

How the Integration Works

When you partner with Evolv AI, you’ll gain access to two tools which work in concert with each other, a visual editor, and a manager.

  • Evolv AI Web Editor: The Web Editor is Evolv AI’s application for building user interface and experience  experiments within your current web-based experience, providing functionality for visual editing, code editing, and access to industry leading Generative AI. The Web Editor is designed to be self-service, and is easy to download and use. Generative AI and the visual editing features enables you to quickly add or modify elements across your digital assets, from CTAs to images, to typography, and more.
  • Evolv AI Manager:The Manager is the portal where all the other magic happens. Through it you can set up and configure projects, deploy the changes you created within the visual editor, right size your audiences, observe how your experiences are performing in real time, analyze the results, and glean insights and recommendations for new ways to pair segments of your audiences to the best experiments possible.

The Evolv AI platform connects to your website through the Evolv Javascript snippet to bring the experiments live on the web.

The Javascript snippet is placed in the source code ( <head>) of your site DOM, and will look like this:




      data-evolv-environment="<environment_id>" >



Once the snippet is in place, Evolv AI’s technology utilizes variants configured through the Manager. It automates the creation of experiences to deliver the best experience (to the right audience) for a dynamic, personalized customer experiences.

Creating Seamless Experiences

Evolv AI’s technology is latency-optimized, with servers geographically distributed across the globe. That means, all interactions take place in the CDN located at the closest point of presence to the end user to ensure 100% uptime. Additionally, placing the snippet as high up in your website’s DOM as possible, further reduces the possibility of any “flicker” in the user experience.

Implementing Evolv AI’s snippet is a quick job for a technical member of your team (or ours if needed). For a closer look at the technical requirements for the snippet, you can access the documentation here.

While adding a snippet, or SDK into your source code offers the highest level of performance, there are other integration options. You can also add the snippet asynchronously through a tag manager.

[Want to learn more about the differences between Synchronously, Asynchronous And Deferred implementations? Here is our technical documentation.]

Other Integrations to Simplify Your Martech Stack

Evolv AI also offers out-of-the-box integrations for some of the most common tools in your tech stack including:

Because Evolv AI is an API-first, you can also build custom integrations to suit your use cases better.

Have more questions about getting started with Evolv AI? We’re happy to chat. Book time with one of our experts to learn more about Evolv AI at your organization.

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