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Experience the Magic of Generative AI for Active Learning

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Evolv AI’s active learning platform follows the design thinking framework to maximize the velocity of experimentation and increase the performance of your digital experiences.

Active learning combines historical insights and causal inferences across all user data to connect your traffic to the best possible experiences while automatically generating new ideas for further optimization. Generative AI is the perfect complement to creatives who have more ideas than resources and teams who want to do big things but don't currently have the bandwidth to achieve their goals.

With a simple text description:

  • Instantly build complex experimentation variants with description-to-design.
  • Generate, refine, crop, and resize images with image design.
  • Create testable copy variations with text paraphrasing. Preview working code in our web editor and deploy variants using Evolv’s Manager.

See Evolv AI’s Generative AI In Action

Watch as Evolv AI’s SVP of sales, Sam Nazari, showcases the capabilities of Evolv AI’s generative AI in real-time, quickly updating and adding designs, images, typography, and other variants within Evolv AI’s Web Editor.

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