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What Does the Ocean and CX Have in Common?

What Does the Ocean and CX Have in Common?

Even when you know the ocean, 

You never really know what it’s going to do next.

The golden rule of never turn your back on the sea

Is founded on sound reasoning.

Maybe you know the currents, tides and seasonal weather 

But you don’t know when the wind is going to change, 

Or exactly when the waves break,

Or what moment the calm shifts and a storm starts to build.


Some people fear the ocean and never go near it

Some live for the thrill of adventure it presents

Some people create their livelihoods 

And build businesses based on it

Some like to enjoy activities on it, 

Swimming, paddling, sailing, or fishing

Others prefer to immerse themselves in it 

Like divers, spear fishermen and surfers.

And still others like to enjoy it from the safety of the shoreline,

Finding the rhythm of crashing waves calming and relaxing.


On the ocean, change takes place rapidly and dramatically.

It's unpredictable because everything is always in constant motion.

Standing still on the beach in ankle deep water, 

Nothing else around you remains static

As the waves crash on the shoreline and recede, 

The sand and water constantly shifts around your feet.


Even with so many dynamic factors at play;

Currents, tides, wind, rugged coastlines, and vast ocean depths, 

It’s not impossible to navigate.

Mariners safely navigate it every day and have for centuries

Using expertise, experience and instruments or technologies.

At any given time they know where they are, 

How they’re going to get to where they want to be, 

And what weather and conditions they’re likely to encounter along the way. 


The ocean and customer experience (CX) have a lot in common

Trying to optimize for the best digital CX

To thousands of different people 

Who each have unique preferences and interests.

That’s a target that’s always in motion. 

Both are dynamic and unpredictable, 

Influenced by many constantly changing variables.


Trying to match a unique digital experience

With a specific website visitor 

Is like trying to find a paddler drifting on the open ocean. 

It’s not impossible, but it’s incredibly challenging 

And especially complex if you’re not properly equipped. 

To find what you’re looking for requires

Having the right data, expertise, strategy and technology.


You need to know where the paddler was last seen, 

Where they intended to go and what time they left

And then you need to factor in the current weather conditions

To determine where and how to implement the search. 

The more advanced technology you have, 

The better your chances of finding them.

(Because technology can help process the data 

and help predict where they could be). 


If they have some form of GPS tracker 

You can go straight to that signal. 

If you’re searching at night, 

FLIR technology could help you ‘see’ in the dark. 

But if you have little to nothing to go on

The task becomes infinitely harder

You could search for days 

Crossing back and forth over the same area, 

Using multiple different search patterns and strategies, 

Using all your resources,

And still never find them.  


Leveraging technology and environmental knowledge,

Coupled with accurate data and strategic expertise 

Makes all the difference in a successful rescue operation. 

It’s much the same with finding the unique digital experiences 

That will delight and win customers

And achieve big e-commerce growth targets. 

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