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Top 3 Reasons Why Google Optimize Users are Choosing Evolv AI

Top 3 Reasons Why Google Optimize Users are Choosing Evolv AI

With the discontinuation of Google Optimize and Optimize 360, marketing and e-commerce leaders are researching platforms that not only keep their experimentation roadmaps on track, but what options can give additional value for their testing, optimization and personalization goals this year.

Evolv AI is one option digital marketing experts are turning toward. By applying artificial intelligence (AI) to traditional A/B testing, customers of Evolv see an average of 6-9 figure lifts in revenue, exceeding KPIs for click-throughs and conversions by more than 6x their benchmarks.

A/B testing aims for the average, not the optimal

Google Optimize and Optimize 360 were great introductory tools to A/B testing, offering low-risk services for marketing teams just dipping their toes into the waters of experimentation. But as brands experience traffic spikes, limitations with the Google tools hinder the ability for continued growth.

Traditional A/B testing offered through Google Optimize and Optimize 360 is a manual, labor-intensive process that requires dedicated effort to strategize, ideate, deploy and measure results. With traditional A/B testing, roughly 6 out of 7 tests fail or generate inconclusive results, making it hard to connect insights to results.

Limiting your team’s growth with another A/B testing tool that’s more of the same would be a disservice to your marketing and product teams. Instead, adding cutting-edge technology, like AI, into your experimentation process will increase your time to value by maximizing velocity and automating decision-making.

Evolving your current A/B strategy with AI intelligence means you can do more with less:

  • Automatically generate a consistent source of new ideas to be explored across your products.
  • Continuously optimize your experiments, culling poor-performing experiments, adding and removing new iterations and reacting to customer behavior in real-time without manual lift.
  • Machine learning means Evolv continues to learn and improve over time, serving progressively better experiences measured in increased sales and revenue.

By running automated concurrent experiments at scale, Evolv’s platform quickly and continuously learns what’s driving business impact to your business and indicates what’s giving you the fastest path to value in real-time.

Leading-edge testing for increased wallet share

When humans are in charge of A/B testing, managing more than 1-5 tests per month is nearly impossible. Additionally, traditional testing tools can typically only handle minor changes per test, resulting in gaps in revenue and slow time to value.

In today’s ever-connected world, it is increasingly important to generate meaningful insights quickly so that brands can respond faster to constantly changing customer preferences and market dynamics. Artificial intelligence has the potential to become a performance marketing expert’s best weapon to gain a competitive advantage and improve ROAS. AI helps navigate the infinite complexity involved with improving user experience (UX) to make buying quick and easy. This starts from the moment a prospect engages with your brand.

With AI-led experimentation, you can scale beyond the limitations of traditional A/B testing and optimization tools, but you can also put your insights into action. AI activates your data faster, delivering targeted web page and landing page messaging, personalized offers, hyper-specific related content, and more, in real-time.

Get a team of dedicated CRO specialists to help along the way

One of the  biggest complaints from those who relied on Google Optimize and Optimize 360 was the lack of support offered to brands working to improve CRO. These tools were self-managed, requiring expertise to ideate on strategy, manage experiments, and identify actionable insights.

Migrating to technology like Evolv means that AI will not only do the heavy lifting for you but also get a team of dedicated experts who will help from ideation to implementation and ongoing measurement. An expert team equips you to grow your experiments and deliver ROI against business goals.

Work with our team to uncover high-impact conversion rate optimization opportunities across your website and products and discover the fastest path to value to help you achieve your custom KPIs.

If you were looking for a sign to move from A/B to AI – this is it

Connect with our team to evolve your experimentation and testing program before Google Optimize terminates in September 2023.

And, as you phase out of Google Optimize or Google Optimize 360, our team will offer complimentary migration services to get you kickstarted building AI into your digital experience.

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