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Product Update: New Executive Reports

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A big initiative for us this year is to continue to deliver easier ways to understand the progress of your experiments and get actionable insights. To this end, we have rolled out several new reporting tiles. If you have any questions, please reach out to your client success manager.

Available Now: Executive Reporting for Powerful Insights

Evolv AI Executive Reporting for Powerful Insights

We have been focused on making it a lot easier for anyone to see the results from using Evolv AI to experiment and personalize the customer experience.

We recently rolled out a summary view of the state of the optimization program, which includes clear charts and statistics on the following:

Optimization Metrics
  • What we’re optimizing for
  • The current performance since we started the project
  • The financial impact of that performance (if the estimated value of a conversion has been entered)
  • The absolute observed performance of the visitors in the project
Predefined Target Audience
  • How many visitors have been seen in total?
  • How many visitors a day on average?
Experimentation Outcomes
  • How many variables (hypotheses) and variants (ideas) are being tested?
  • How many combinations have been tested?
Reporting: latest experimentation (tiles)

Intuitive way to explore the active combinations and variants in the Project.

  • Easily see a summary of the variants in the active combinations
  • Understand the common variants in top combinations
  • Great summary view for screenshots
What's next

We are continuing to add new tiles and capabilities with every release. We encourage you to provide feedback and let us know how to improve the ability to access and use reports. 




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