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Introducing Emir Elliott-Lindo, Our VP of Channels and Alliances

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A lot goes into building a successful go-to-market strategy. Evolv is transforming customer experience optimization, and to achieve our goals, we are building a partner ecosystem that helps our customers achieve success and extends our reach.

That’s why we are excited to announce that Emir Elliott-Lindo has joined Evolv as Vice President of Channels and Alliances. Emir will develop and drive a strategy for engagement between Evolv and our reseller, system integrator, technology, and agency partners.

I have known Emir for over fifteen years. Emir’s approach to partnerships has been consistent throughout his career, going back to his first few jobs at Xerox, Lucent, SAP, and Siebel/Oracle. He has always prioritized integrity, respect, and trust when working with partners. “My approach is to treat everyone, whether they’re an office administrator, mid-level manager, or janitor, as if they’re the CEO, because that engenders a certain level of trust,” Emir says. “Once you have that trust, you have the foundation necessary to create common goals and maintain strong lines of communication.”

Emir is deeply knowledgable about marketing technology. As senior vice president of partnerships at Cision, he developed Cision's strategy for engaging with leading digital and PR agencies. While leading strategic alliances efforts worldwide at Marketo, he formed important partnerships with Accenture, WPP, Facebook, and Microsoft/LinkedIn. “When I worked at Marketo, I recognized the crucial role that agencies at the forefront of data-driven marketing play in helping CMOs make decisions based on data, rather than mere intuition,” Emir notes. “Now that I’m at Evolv, I see a tremendous opportunity for us to partner with digital agencies and martech companies to help enterprise clients reap the benefits of machine learning-driven experience optimization.“

We’re especially thrilled to have Emir on board because of the value he sees in building a strong partner ecosystem from the start. “A lot of companies try to bolt on a partner program once they realize they need to scale, but it’s hard at that point to really effect change,” Emir says. “I want to build the right partnerships from the ground up, and I can’t wait to roll my sleeves up and get going.”

Please join us in welcoming Emir to the team. We’re confident his focus on integrity, relationship-building, and trust will accelerate Evolv's mission: helping companies drive meaningful business outcomes by building exceptional customer experiences.

– Steve Bamberger, President and COO


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