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Happy Anniversary, Evolv!

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Evolv's CEO, Michael Scharff, sent this email out to the Evolv team earlier this week.

Hello team,

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of the launch of Evolv Technologies! I think it's pretty safe to say the world has changed a lot since March 22, 2019. What hasn't changed however is what an amazing team we have, how incredible the progress is that we have made and what a great journey we are on to reshape the world of experimentation and optimization. 

I hope you are all well and staying calm and safe through the current crisis we are facing as a nation and a planet. These are trying times and I want to again remind all of you that our first priority is the health and safety of our team. Please make sure to reach out if you need any support whatsoever, or just need someone to talk to. We're here to help! 

The pivot to a remote work environment seems to have gone well as we all learn to adapt our homes to work, and our lives to being more removed from our daily physical engagements. We continue to make great progress on the business front, and we're also making great headway on our platform and research efforts to ensure we have amazing products to serve the market.

We'll continue to find additional ways to engage remotely but also want to be sensitive not to over-schedule your days. Try to take advantage of the remote social gatherings (morning coffee talk, occasionally happy hours, etc.), but don't feel obligated to join if you're not up to it.

In addition to well-wishes for sanity and productivity during this extended stay-at-home period, we would like to provide everyone with an allowance for some entertainment of your choice! 

Whether you want to rent some newly released movies, pick up a few tabletop games, get some new art supplies or have a nice meal delivered, we are going to provide all employees an entertainment allowance for the next two weeks. Please collect receipts and submit an expense report under the category of "shelter-in-place allowance" and we will reimburse you up to the cap. I hope this gives you a little break from the daily stream of news and an opportunity to bring a little joy into your week.

Cheers and thanks for all your amazing efforts!



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