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Evolv Stands Against Racial Oppression

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We stand with the Black community against racism, oppression and acts of violence against them.


The senseless death of George Floyd, the result of police brutality, and the acts of racism and violence that recently took the lives of Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor are simply unacceptable. We at Evolv are heartbroken that these are three entries in an ever-expanding list of names, and we are appalled by the continued racism against the Black community at the hands of those that are supposed to protect them. Our sympathies go out to the families, communities, and all those who have been impacted. In the face of such discrimination, we collectively need to take action against racial oppression and violence.

We are recommitting our efforts to ensure equality within our management and hiring practices, and to further our promise of inclusion for all. We feel it is critical that the voices throughout the company are represented in the actions we take and the policies we create.

We support and applaud our employees and family members who take part in peaceful protests and exercise their right to demand change now. We are also matching employee donations to charitable organizations that are furthering the fight against inequality and helping those impacted by recent events.

I speak for myself and on behalf of our entire leadership team: it is time for all of us to take a stand and address all forms of systemic inequality and discrimination. Racism will never end in our society unless those in positions of power wield their privilege to combat it. I remain optimistic in the belief that our voices will finally be heard and hope all of you will rise to this challenge.

Be safe and be kind. Together we will contribute to lasting change.

– Michael Scharff, CEO at Evolv Technologies


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