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New Features: Get More Control With Four New Capabilities

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Your business is always developing and so is our platform. Because of this, we've added four new features that put control in your hands to help you with your mission to improve the customer experience.

Project Diffs provide new levels of quality control

When updating a project using Continuous Optimization, knowing the exact changes you’re making is very important to understanding how it will affect the customer experience.


Project Diffs are an extremely helpful tool in providing transparency and understanding as you improve and update your project. Seeing a clear comparison between what’s live, and what’s about to go live, helps to ensure quality and inform the creative decisions required as you optimize your site.

Pausing a live project to make sure it's just right

We know that no matter how carefully you plan a launch, last minute changes and unforeseen factors can impact your project. Maybe your legal department adds a requirement for some language that was missing from the original draft. Or perhaps the technical team discovers a bug. To give you the breathing room to fix issues like these, you can now easily pause your optimization so that no user receives an experience from that project. This makes sure that the user experience will be unaffected while you make the necessary adjustments to get the project back in shape before continuing.


Repair projects during initialization without restarting

Through experience and listening to our clients, we have learned that sometimes a variant doesn’t behave as expected, and that’s often found at the beginning of the project. Previously, Evolv’s platform did not support the use of continuous optimization during this phase, which meant that alterations would require a restart of the project. 

To solve this, and make projects more efficient, we have updated Continuous Optimization to make it easier to update projects in the Initialization phase. This means that your project can develop faster while delivering more confidence in the results. From now on, the Initialization and Evolution phases will both use continuous optimization for changes to variants and variable targeting.

Combination labels improved to make it easier to track performance

Evolv’s combination IDs are long cumbersome tags that are hard to slip into conversation. We know from listening to our clients that discussions between teams is a vital part of the evolution of your website. So we created ordinals as an easier way to refer to combinations.

Nobody wants to say: “c1092e243d1c:07465c178f is performing much better than control”, so our solution was to add an ordinal number that increases by one every time a new combination is added. This provides an easy way to reference combinations to your colleagues and also gives an indication as to the age of the combination (lower numbers are older).


We're in the business of improving

Just as Evolv helps you improve your digital property, we're improving our product to make it more efficient, more effective, and more user-friendly.

We always welcome your feedback, so why not reach out today to discuss how our new features can improve your workflow and help you reach your customers.


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